Sites we like

Some links to blogs, articles and pictures of women, their struggles and achievements,
from east London to worldwide.


• Powerful pictures of women fighting for their right to vote (

Amazing pictures from ‘The Women's Library collection’.

•  Article investigating the campaign of terror orchestrated by the Edwardian suffragette movement, which asks why it has been neglected by historians

•  A blog about where to find historic locations connected to Sylvia Pankhurst and the East End Suffragettes in east London.





• Website from the Roman Road Trust, an organization working on the urban rejuvenation of Roman Road, which features local heroes and heroines as well as his/her-storic information.

• The Fawcettsociety is the UK’s leading charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights.

• Great article on about men who supported universal suffrage for women. These included leading politicians, intellectuals as well as church leaders, army officers, academics and writers.