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Shocked and DISGUSTED by what has been happening – and continues to happen – in the Western world in the last three years, I have spent a lot of time researching many subjects, mostly related to western civil liberties, tyranny and the concept of democracy.

I eventually decided that – for now – it would be great to simply do a bag with words describing the world and beauty we would love to see. This as an antidote to all fear mongering and continual lies and garbage that have been – and are being – pumped out over the world.

I hope this bag gives out an anti-capitalist/anti-consumerist message in a playful way. So let’s not forget what is really essential and that all the wonderful things we truly love and long for, that are described on this bag, are FREE, TIMELESS and CAN NOT BE BOUGHT.

And last but not least: look for the word that is hidden three times on the bag: the only thing we are and seek: Love aka God.

Greed is over NWO traitors aka loosers!

The full text on the bag reads:

joy faith freedom abundance beauty magic
compassion fun action truth care gratitude
hope sweetness sacred dreams vibration trust
kindness friendship yes miracles peace glory
naked justice smile wow connection touch song
groovy timeless vision wish embrace unlimited
fellowship raw warrior indestructible wisdom
unity stars psychedelic generosity now victory

Please note: none of these treasures can be bought


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